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Home Contractors Los Angeles

Home Contractors Los Angeles


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Superb Work 150% Happy, 04-28-2009

By: Shirit

Home Contractors are wonderful. They are kind, smart, reliable, efficient, and well-priced. Is that possible, you might ask . . .In the space of about four weeks, our designer transformed my 60's era ugly kitchen into a stylish, efficient stainless-steel and Ikea-cabineted dream. The crew showed up like clockwork every day at 7:30AM and amazed me daily with their progress. The contractor really knows his stuff: permits, building code, trouble-shooting, how to make the most of a space on a budget. He also went above and beyond in many respects - like picking up my tiles, suggesting decorative touches, replacing some parts for my sink on his own dime. They were even nice to my dog, letting her hang out with them while they worked. So things were a bit dusty in the house for a couple of weeks, but a small price to pay for a job well done. We are psyched with the results and would use them again in a heartbeat.


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